Skyrim Mod – The Dragon’s Curse

Written on:March 7, 2012
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Turn into a dragon with this amazing mod!

It’s at times like this I’m glad I bought Skyrim for my PC. Mods like this just give the game so much more replay value that you get on the consoles.

Have you ever looked at a dragon in Skyrim and wondered what it would be like to play one? Well now you can with this relatively new mod.

This mod will transform your character into a dragon and give you most of the abilities that dragons within the game have (except flight, which is being developed for the mod).

There is however a sort of temporary flight mechanic which can be used if you really want to fly, however, the developer of the mod has stressed that using it may cause damage to your save games.

To gain the Dragon’s Curse you must first travel to the Skyforge in Whiterun where you will see a chest on the right which is not there if you don’t have the mod installed. You will then gain a shout like ability which will transform you into a dragon. Then, all you need to do to turn into a dragon is use the ability.

Once you’ve transformed you will notice that you are now a dragon! You can use your mouse and keyboard to attack or use abilities. Mouse 1 activated your Tail Attack and Mouse 2 activated your bite attack.

You can also equip a number or unique shouts when transformed, ranging from fire breath to ice breath.

Controls can be clunky at times, and you may end up moving where you didn’t want to, however, this mod is still in Alpha stage and has tons of potential which could make this mod into a crucial part of your Skyrim gameplay.


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